Tuesday, 2 May 2017

MIMO-Blade covert antenna solution for LTE telematics

LTE on the move requires high speed data typically using MIMO antennas. The new LTE mimo-blade antenna from EAD offers a discreet and compact solution for window, dash or non-metal surface vehicle mount applications.

Housed in a waterpoof cover, the MIMO-Blade has 2 4G/LTE antenna ports covering from 690-2700 MHz offering 2 dBi on each port. Supplied with thumb screwed suction cups for mounting, the MIMO-Blade can also be installed using adhesive tape or velcro as desired.

MIMO-Blade antenna

The MIMO-Blade is ideal for transportation, tracking and wireless broadband on the move applications where a non-permanent or a blade style antenna is required but without sacrificing a MIMO antenna solutions.

The MIMO-Blade is available now from your local EAD representative or it can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

Monday, 30 January 2017

450 MHz Dual Polarised MIMO Omni Antenna introduced by EAD

EAD has just introduced a new antenna designed for LTE 450 MHz applications. The LMO4547 antenna is a dual polarised MIMO outdoor omni-directional antenna operating at 450-470 MHz. Configured with one vertically polarised port and one horizontally polarised port, the LMO4547 is a compact and attractive outdoor antenna ideally suited for LTE 450 access applications.

LMO4547 MIMO Omni Antenna

The LMO4547 antenna can be wall, pole or enclosure (non-metal surface) mounted and is shipping now. To download the specification sheet please visit the EAD website.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

U.FL to SMA pigtail cables - let's get them right.

As a leading supplier of antennas, we have built up a reputation for supplying quality RF coaxial cabling solutions to complement our antenna offering and in doing so now have a significant part of our customer base that only sources coaxial cables from us. By having automated cable preparation and termination functions in-house means we can often quickly and reliably supply RF coaxial cables to customers requirements.

One subject we have noticed that confuses our customers, is U.FL to SMA pigtail or adapter cables. Some customers tend to have difficulty to identify what is a SMA Plug, SMA-Jack, RP-SMA etc. The U.FL bit is OK so here are few pointers to the SMA at the other identified correctly!!

A standard U.FL to SMA cable for us is a U.FL to SMA-Female Jack Bulkhead or Panel mount on 1.13mm coaxial cable. It looks like this:


In drawing form, the adapter cable above would look like this:

Cable measurements vary, but we calculate the cable length excluding the connectors to eliminate any doubt.

The U.FL pigtail can connect to SMA-Male Plug at the other of the cable- typically hex barrel, thread inside with a pin:

SMA-Male Plug

The U.FL pigtail can connect to a SMA-Female Jack (non-bulkhead) at the other of the cable- threaded barrel and no pin

SMA-Female Jack (non-bulkhead)

The U.FL pigtail can connect to a SMA-Female Jack Bulkhead at the other of the cable- threaded barrel, flange, nut, washer and no pin

The U.FL pigtail can connect to a RP-SMA Plug at the other of the cable- typically hex barrel, thread inside no pin


The U.FL pigtail can connect to RP-SMA Jack at the other of the cable- threaded outer barrel, pin - this version is a bulkhead with flange, nut and washer

RP-SMA Jack (bulkhead version)

I hope this helps out in identifying the right cable. Please contact us at EAD for your U.FL to SMA adapter cable requirements.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Introducing the PMO915-3 - a 915 MHz 3 dBi pole-mount omni-antenna

EAD has today introduced a new 915 MHz LoRA 3 dBi outdoor omni-directional antenna for pole-mounting applications. Housed in a fibreglass tube, the PMO915-3 is cost-effective and durable solution for 915 MHz connectivity including LoRA deployments. Supplied with a pole-mount bracket and terminated in a N-Female connector for connected to customer-specific coaxial jumper cables such as RF240, the PMO915-3 offers a medium gain acccess solution.

PMO915-3 Omni Antenna  
This new antenna is suitable for continuous outdoor use for 915 MHz LoRA appplications where the antenna needs to be placed outside for improved reception.

For more information, please contact EAD.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New SMP-4G-LTE compact directional panel antenna

Introducing the upgraded SMP directional panel antenna from Sirio. The SMP-4G-LTE is a compact, directional panel antenna suitable for wall or pole-mounting. It offers 6 dBi gain on the lower bands and 9 dBi gain on the higher bands and housed in a robust, weatherproof radome. The antenna is terminated in a 30cm pigtail and SMA-Male connectors and can mate to our RF240 low loss cables. For custom RF240 cable quotes - we can customise cable length and connector type to your specification, please e-mail sales@ead-ltd.com.

SMP-4G-LTE Directional panel antenna
 The SMP-4G-LTE is a single feed (SISO) antenna. A MIMO dual port SMP panel antenna is also available.

It can be purchased online at the Connex webshop along with a wide selection of 4G and LTE antennas.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

UWB45727 LTE High Gain Omni Antenna now with pole-mount option

EAD's new 450/700-2700 LTE/4G Multiband outdoor omni antenna is now available with a pole-mount kit. This means that options are now available for pole or wall-mount installations.

UWB45727 Pole Mount Omni Antenna
For more information and pricing, please contact EAD.

New high gain SigFox omni antenna at 868 MHz

EAD is pleased to introduce the WMO8685, a 5.5 dBi outdoor omni-directional antenna operating on the licence-free 868 MHz frequency band. Ideally suited for SigFox and LoRa technologies, the WMO8685 is housed in a fibreglass tube with a chromed base and stainless steel bracket.

WMO8685 5.5 dBi 868 MHz Omni Antenna

WMO8685 radiation pattern

The WMO8685 is designed for continuous outdoor use and is supplied with a SMA-Male connector as standard at the end of a 5M RG58 cable. For more information on the WMO8685, please contact EAD.